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Larry Hill Consulting has been in business since 1995, solving problems for clients worldwide with specialized engineering consulting services. From unique data communications systems to factory automation, our solutions help our clients to reduce time-to-market and development costs, improve the R&D process, and use new technology to their best advantage.

To execute large projects Mr. Hill draws on an established network of engineers skilled in  relevant disciplines to bring the best skills and knowledge to our clients. He is also available as an individual contributor when appropriate. In both cases, Mr. Hill collaborates with the clients’ top engineers while providing senior executives with the information to make sound business decisions.

Larry Hill, President
A consultant since the mid-nineties, Larry Hill offers over thirty years of experience Larry Hill in the industry, in both business management and engineering. He holds fourteen patents, has authored several technical publications, and holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He is both a seasoned high tech executive and a prolific individual innovator.

Prior to consulting, Mr. Hill founded and was President of Cyplex Corporation, a manufacturer of private-label modems. At Cyplex, he developed a short-range wireless control system for automated guided vehicles, and also designed IC/SS, a power line carrier communications system for electric utilities. He subsequently licensed IC/SS to National Semiconductor, which manufactured integrated circuits based on this design for a decade. Mr. Hill himself has developed several products using IC/SS, including applications for the automation of electric power distribution and vending machine inventory control.

Mr. Hill began his career at MITRE Corporation where he was a designer of JTIDS, a spread spectrum radio data link for command-and-control, today widely deployed by the U.S. military. He then moved to Modicon, a leading manufacturer of industrial control systems, where he played a key role in the development of their 484 and 584 programmable controllers. He was also a developer of MODBUS, which became an industry standard for manufacturing automation networks. Subsequently he was Director of Engineering at Ruben Engineering, a start-up company in retail automation, and then Vice President of Controlonics, manufacturer of Whistler brand radar detectors and other RF devices.


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